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Into the Woods
(half day contemplative practice of deep listening)


This two, three or four hour (your pace) guided contemplative practice takes place in the company of old and young trees, a small creek, and a Prayer Cabin in the woods.  Crafted both for those who want to push pause and see what happens in the stillness as they wander and visit the woods for an extended visit and also for those who come with questions or thoughts that need space for reflective deep listening.

I will meet with you briefly in the Prayer Cabin at the beginning of your retreat to offer an introductory word and a blessing before sending you on a journey into the five acres of woods, fields, and gardens at Fern Creek. Descriptions lead you from pausing bench to pausing bench along the way, offering places to sit and reflect with practices and questions to consider at each stop. 


Once God, the woods and you are done, I welcome you to linger in the Prayer Cabin to write a reflective response or prayer of gratitude or to revisit any pausing bench you want to sit with longer. 

Recommended Donation for Into the Woods: $100

If interested in scheduling an Into the Woods Retreat email

Lisa to discuss dates and options. 

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