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Into the Woods Retreats


Fern Creek Overnight Retreats can be guided or unguided, and include spiritual direction or not.  Up to four individuals can retreat together in the Retreat Guesthouse, which has one bathroom, two bedrooms, a pull-out sofa in the living room, and a fully equipped kitchen. 

Gilead's Balm Retreat is a 3-7 night guided retreat for soul-care providers needing soul-care of their own and include spiritual direction with me, and counseling with my psychologist husband Mark. Retreatants stay in the Retreat Guesthouse.

From mid-spring to early autumn Fern Creek retreats unfold during the active flourishing that happens everywhere in the Willamette Valley. For those yearning for an extended and immersive experience being outside in the company of old trees, napping in the hammock (strung between a White Oak and a Giant Leaf Maple), perhaps lying down in the grass to gaze at summer night constellations, then plan a longer time away between June and October.


If you prefer the sound of Oregon rain on the roof of the gazebo around a fire or in the coziness of the Prayer Cabin on a still winter day, late-fall to early spring retreats offer a different texture of quiet in an equally enchanting way.


Retreat opportunities range from half day to a week, and everything in between. Retreats can be unguided and simply a place to land or guided and include spiritual direction and professional counseling. Below is a brief description of each retreat. Always feel free to contact me with questions.  


Into the Woods Half-Day Retreat is a guided 2-4 hour retreat that sends you on a treasure hunt of sorts into the Fern Creek forests where you will be guided to seven different pausing benches that hold prompts and questions for you to ponder. This retreat draws your attention to the nudges and gentle wisdom emerging from God's created world as you ponder whatever you bring to the retreat. 


Personal Reflective Day Retreats are unguided. A space for reflection, personal work and rest can be reserved in either the Prayer Cabin or the Retreat Guesthouse for 2-8 hours.

4th Wednesday Retreats are guided small (3-5) group retreats that send participants into the woods with a question and camera or drawing pad that they might pay attention to what is here now, potentially receiving a fresh image and word that speaks into their current situation.  Ends with a simple gathered lunch. 

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