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While supervision work is undertaken on behalf of your directees, it recognizes our need for support, accountability, and encouragement as directors who hold the stories of others.  In placing yourself in a supervisory relationship you promote your growth as a director and will also find this a place of nourishment and care. My task is to create a space where together we consider the mystery and fullness of what is transpiring for you and for your directees. We take a contemplative loving look at God’s movements in your work, celebrate sightings and discoveries, explore barriers, challenges, sticking points and questions.


For directors-in-training supervision also considers discernment around your call, skill building, instruction, and attending to how direction is shaping your experience of God. Directors' level of experience, skill, giftedness and comfort with direction guides how supervision unfolds as we journey together, shifting away from skill building and instruction over time.


Contours of supervision:

Supervision is a process that can include education, consultation around questions you bring, and self-reflection. Sessions will typically be scaffolded by self-reflective supervision tools you complete and send me ahead of time. (I will make these forms available to you). During our times together we will consider what you notice about yourself as you reflect on the session you bring to supervision, how the session unfolded, and what you feel you are learning about yourself and spiritual direction as we reflect on it together.


I meet directors in our Tree House Prayer Cabin or

          via zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-5 p.m.

Standard fee for individual session: $85.

Flex fee option: $70.+

Group session: $50 per person (2-3 directors)

The flex fee moves in both directions, helping even out our system's unequal access to economic resources. Assuming a minimum supervision payment of $70, an alternative to the standard fee is to add $15 to the amount you receive for the direction you provide. If you receive $50 per session, compensate me at $70 per supervision session, if you receive $80 per session, consider a $95 payment, etc. 

Member of Spiritual Directors International

Supervision Training through The Companioning Center

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