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About Fern Creek

Much happens in this little spot of land nestled in the northwest

corner of Oregon, and we consider all of it sacred. For our part,

Mark and I tend orchards, vegetable patches, a flock of hens,

and six Nigerian Dwarf goats. Fern Creek and the Mystery that

called everything into being takes care of the rest.  


Most who come to Fern Creek come for renewal through

Into the Woods Spiritual Care, which offers spiritual direction,

supervision and personal retreats. A few also find renewal in the

berry fields and orchards when they come pick and gather and

when visiting goat babies in the spring and picking up our

goat milk soap from our little farm Market.


Life at Fern Creek is blessed and integrated. It’s not always easy and not nearly as idyllic as it sometimes sounds. Yet it overflows with goodness that we share with those who come for formal and informal spiritual care -- care that happens whenever we take time to walk into the woods and explore our experience of God’s loving presence in the world, whose grace keeps the universe from coming apart.


...About Lisa

As a contemplative Quaker I see my job as loving creation, holding hope, nurturing, laughing, praying, and being attentively grateful. My professional journey has included nursing, academia, farming and husbandry, seminary, and this lovely chapter specifically tilted toward spiritual care, though caring has been a theme throughout all my chapters. 

For 20 years I taught sociology to college students, enjoying watching their sense of the world and place in it as they connected dots from here to there. My Ph.D. gave me access to the ivory towers of academia for a season, and I'm grateful for how those years seasoned me and allowed me to walk with students.

For 45 years I have been partnered with Mark, and live grateful for our journey together through thick and thin, lean times and plentiful ones. For the last 43 I've mothered three extraordinary daughters, and for the last 13 years have had the joy of grandmothering six curious, blossoming, lovely souls.

My faith was formed by the evangelical roots of my childhood, and has been deepened and broadened by the contemplative practices of Quakers, earthy Franciscan spirituality, the wisdom of ancient mystics, and most significantly by long walks with God in the woods.


To create and hold space for others to encounter, explore their encounters, and to become re-enchanted with God--

that Divine Love who is both deeply immanent within us and magnificently Other than us. 

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