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Overnight Retreats


* Fee structure

In recognition that access to resources flows in uneven ways where some have more and others less, we offer a flexible fee structure. Discern what you have freedom to pay within a recommended range of 15% below and 15% above the recommendations. 

Optional additions:

    Into the Woods Retreat: $100

    Spiritual Direction with Lisa: $70 per session 

From mid-spring to early autumn Fern Creek retreats happen in the actively flourishing season at Fern Creek. For those yearning for an extended and immersive experience being outside in the company of old trees, napping in the hammock (strung between a White Oak and a Giant Leaf Maple tree), perhaps lying down in grass to gaze at summer night constellations, then plan a longer time away between June and October. 

If you prefer the sound of rain on the roof of the gazebo around a fire or in the coziness of the Prayer Cabin on a still winter day, late-fall to early spring retreats offer a different texture of quiet in an equally enchanting way.

The guesthouse apartment has a full kitchen and living/study spaces and can be reserved for 2-7 days. These can be guided and include spiritual direction or not.  Up to four individuals wanting to retreat together could do so in the guesthouse. The guesthouse has one bathroom, two bedrooms, and a pull-out sofa in the living room. 


For these “minimally directed retreats” we help you set your intentions as you prepare to come retreat, and offer personalized suggestions and recommendations for engaging God during your retreat. 


1. Two-Seven Night Retreat

  • Stay in the Fern Creek guesthouse, which includes a fully equipped kitchen, tea and coffee, makings for a simple oatmeal breakfast, ensuite private bathroom, spacious living and contemplative space, a private courtyard with hot tub and access to Fern Creek woods, fields, and gardens.

  • Access to the Tree House Prayer Cabin throughout your stay as available (it is also used for spiritual direction).

  • Recommendations for how you prepare for and engage your retreat.


Two Night Recommended Recompense: $325* (for one retreatant) plus $25 for additional retreatants (up to 4). 


Three Nights: $450* (for one retreatant) plus $20 for additional retreatants.

Four-Seven Nights: $145/night (plus $20/night for additional retreatants).


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