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Into the Woods Spiritual Care


A place to encounter and to explore encounters with God--that Divine Love who is deeply immanent within us and magnificently Other than us.


Lisa Graham McMinn, Ph.D., CSD 

Spiritual Director, Supervisor

& Caretaker of Fern Creek

Newberg, Oregon

Blog: Reflections on the ordinary

Reflections on the Ordinary
Attentive appreciations for things glorious and messy, ancient and ever-changing, living and dying, and always held in the heart of God. 


Into the Woods
Spiritual Care --
spiritual direction, supervision & retreats



If you are drawn to a spacious, contemplative path--  especially one grounded in the earthiness of a Divine presence in all things--you'll feel at home at Fern Creek.  The retreats, direction and supervision offered through Into the Woods Spiritual Care flows from seeing the universe as an outpouring of God's love, and believing we are capable of experiencing and expressing that love.


As a companion in spiritual direction I walk alongside you as we explore the spiritual undercurrents of your ordinary life, listening for the question that wants to be asked, seeking to discern with you the movement of God in joy-filled, challenging, and painful places. God is the ultimate Director in our conversations, inviting us into contemplation and awareness, which eventually draws us toward response as we begin to see and love ourselves, others, and the world as God does. I am honored to listen deeply to people’s storied lives whether they have walked long in their faith, are disillusioned with faith or are exploring their spiritual selves without context to a specific faith tradition.


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