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Into the Woods

A Guided Contemplative Practice of Presence and Deep Listening

What? A two, three or four hour (your pace) guided contemplative practice in the company of old and young trees, a small creek, and other creatures living in a small forest.


For Whom? Anyone who wants to push pause and see what happens in the

stillness when they release themselves to wander and visit the woods for an

extended visit. Also, for those who come with questions or thoughts that need

space for deep listening.


Why? Our fragmented and full lives make it difficult to live into the present

moment, and forests offer an invitational way to do so. Because we need to slow

down to let our feelings and thoughts catch up to us. And finally, because words

and insights sometimes come to us from unexpected places when we create

space for that to happen.


Where, exactly? The practice has you meander the paths around Fern Creek's five acres of woods. There are eight Pausing Benches along the way offering places to sit, with encouraged but optional

exercises to do at each place. You will also spend time with me and alone in the Prayer Cabin at

the beginning and briefly (if you'd like) at the end of your experience.


How: When you arrive we'll meet in the prayer cabin and begin your time with a centering exercise

I will do with you. I’ll invite you to journal if you are inclined before you head out on your

contemplative walk in the woods. The exercises are crafted to help you slow down and be present

to the moment and to particular questions or thoughts. The hope is that these will invite you to

listen deeply for longings, questions and affirmations shimmering beneath the surface that speak

into how you are (or are not) being present to your life.


Once God, the woods and you are done, I encourage you to return to the prayer cabin and write a reflective response to your experience. If you'd like me to come hear any responses you have, and to

to offer a blessing before sending you on your way, I'm glad to do so. The blessing will be in writing and waiting for you in the prayer cabin, so if you prefer leaving in silence you can read and take it with you.



Recommended recompense: $95